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Ruby 1.9 and newer ships with Ruby Gems built-in but you may need to upgrade for bug fixes or new features.To upgrade Ruby Gems or install it for the first time (if you need to use Ruby 1.9) visit the download page.If that is the case, the best place for you is to file a support request at help. You're sure you have a bug, but don't know what to do next? The best place for letting the Ruby Gems team know about bugs or problems you're having is on the Ruby Gems issues page at Git Hub. Ruby Together pays some Ruby Gems maintainers for their ongoing work.

Make your own gem Gems with Extensions Name your gem Publishing your gem Security Practices SSL Certificate Update Patterns Specification Reference Command Reference Ruby Gems API Ruby API Run your own gem server Resources Contributing to Ruby Gems Frequently Asked Questions Plugins Credits command allows you to interact with Ruby Gems.

Unfortunately the position of Bundler is that you should document all your non-Semver versions instead, so you won't get love from Bundler for this.

We know of three ways to do convervative updates manually.

See Gem for information on Ruby Gems (or `ri Gem`) To upgrade to the latest Ruby Gems, run: $ gem update --system # you might need to be an administrator or root See for more details and alternative instructions.

Ruby Gems 2.6.8 and newer have improved SSL error messages to help you diagnose your problems.

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If you want to see how to require files from a gem, skip ahead to What is a gem If you see a gem you want more information on you can add the details option.

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