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” regarding this lack of numbers, reflects the interest in the actual Twitter traffic trends and growth.

The announcement on Twitter by the CEO Evan Williams on January 11, 2010 was at best just a bland non specific statement that offers no comfort…it’s like a salesman saying “just trust me”.

A recent post by John Borthwick on his blog “Think Musings” may provide some encouraging news.

Another chart that John highlighted was of the growth of Twitterfeed from September 2009 to December 2009 showing growth of over 300% in Feeds processed.

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He toiled on the art project in obscurity until 2006, when he strung together all 2356 self-portraits into a five-minute, time-lapse video and posted it on You

Over the weekend, reports started to circulate that the site was to close, with users lamenting the closure, and some understanding the decision, having already jumped ship to Instagram.

Even though community funding raised more than million, the writing was on the wall for the site.

The YCombinator-funded Daily Booth has decided to get into the Halloween spirit this year (or is just really good at spotting opportunities for marketing itself) and is running a program that allows users to strut their Halloween stuff using the hashtag #trickortreat.

There’s already a critical mass of users sharing and a commenting on each other’s pics this Halloween Eve, and the momentum has inevitably spread to Twitter.

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