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Effective 15 April 2004, Army officers/warrant officers in any branch/specialty that have been awarded the designation "Certified Professional Logistician" (CPL) by SOLE - The International Society of Logistics (SOLE) are authorized to add their CPL certification to their Officer Record Brief (ORB) and Official Military Personnel Folder (OMPF).This change to AR 600-8-104 (Military Personnel Information Management/Records) authorizes the inclusion of the CPL certificate in the OMPF.Telecom has achieved some reductions in these calls by charging for the second and subsequent non-genuine Telecom land-line call in a month.There are technological solutions that would assist in filtering these calls such as ‘natural language speech recognition’ but such utilisation requires funding and approval/support from emergency service providers and Government, which the Commissioner may wish to raise with Government.At a time of drawdown and competitive retention screenings for officers and NCOs, it is no time to get "flagged" for running afoul of service standards for behavior, physical fitness or job competency.The regulation governing the suspension of favorable personnel actions, or "flags," has been updated so that it lays out in explicit detail the circumstances that can hurt a soldier's standing with the Army.The Panel would not promote this as a priority course of action as Police has other priorities to deal with.

Telecom answers approximately 200,000 calls per month of which 68% are false calls.Nevertheless, there are some occasions that arise in civil and criminal court proceedings in which these records may be solicited.In addition, peace officer personnel records can also be required when certain internal disciplinary issues occur, but those types of events are considered to be of an administrative nature and do not take place in courtrooms. Officers with an approved retirement or separation date will have a statement of approved retirement or separation placed in their board file prior to the board pursuant to DA Memo 600-2, paragraph 7.(3) Officers with less than one year of continuous active duty since their most recent placement on the ADL before the board convenes.(4) Officers who are serving on active duty under the Retiree Recall program.(5) Officers who are serving on active duty under the Sanctuary program pursuant to 10 U. OERs will be prepared on the appropriate DA Form 67-10 Series OER form within the Evaluation Entry System (EES) and submitted to HRC via EES. The names and records of the following officers shall be excluded from consideration:(1) Officers who are not serving on the ADL on the day the board convenes.(2) Officers with an approved retirement or separation date within 90 days (9 Oct 17 or earlier) after the date on which the board convenes. §12686.(6) Officers who are currently on a standing promotion list to COL.c. Selections will be made under the methods described in references A and B.d. To ensure reports are received at HRC by this date, commanders at all levels must ensure any applicable evaluation reports for eligible officers are expeditiously processed.b.

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Questions regarding the Active/Reserve ORB/OMPF procedures should be directed to MAJ James Kennedy (OD), XO CSSD at 703-325-5262 or [email protected]

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