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I picked it up, flipped through it, really not very much paying any attention to it.And one of the speeches about 'The only free men the world has ever known,' and literally had a moment of incandescent rage and shouted at the book, You hunted slaves!

By age 18, I lucked in to an undeserved dream job, doing afternoon drive at B100 San Diego."When KTNQ became the high-powered "Ten-Q," Willie got the call to join the Top 40 station. He went on to WRKO-Boston and eight years at B104, the dominant station in Baltimore. "I left the country for a while, living in TEXAS..:-)." The “B” in Willie “B” stood for BOURBON Street (actually, he doesn’t drink! "I was actually on several Entercom stations simultaneously: afternoon drive in Indy, Madison, Memphis, etc." He cites several career highlights: voted ‘ Radio Personality of the Year’ in 1989, and several nominations for the same title with the Poe Awards.• Just today, I got a bag a chips from the vending machine and on the way back to my office, my boss, similar to the previous instance, said, “I hope that isn’t your lunch.” To which I replied, “Not all of it,” annoyed that I felt like I had to justify eating a bag a chips. I even made sure the “coast was clear” before going to the vending machine today particularly because I didn’t want to deal with anyone’s commentary on what I was eating. The hot dog comment was particularly obnoxious but the other two comments sound like attempts to express lighthearted concern and care for you (in the “don’t work so hard that you don’t eat lunch” vein). I’m an adult and if you don’t approve of what I’m eating, I really think you should keep it to yourself. but I also think it’s just a weird part of our culture that you can’t do much to change.tarted his career at age 13 in his hometown of Montgomery Alabama."I thought being on the radio might help me score a date for the prom.

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