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Treehouse Pictures' Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen are producing with Scott Aversano and Andrew O'Connor. That Awkward Moment is about the aforementioned awkward moment when you’re not sure if you’re officially dating someone.There are currently no other wide releases slated for that weekend.

Banks plays a news anchor finds herself out on the street after a drunken one-night stand with no money, ID, or means of travel, with only a short time to trek across L. in the US, ensuring that Tom Gormican’s highly relatable comedy with an amazingly talented cast has the chance to connect with the largest possible audience.” In ARE WE OFFICIALLY DATING?

The agreement is made after Mikey’s marriage dissolves.

“Whoa – I thought we were just going to the movies! This conversation will no doubt be spreading across the country and forcing lots of rapidly advancing relationships in the weeks to come. ’ changed its name from the American release ‘That Awkward Moment,’ and is now causing many such moments in its wake. Jordan), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Justin (Zac Efron), make a pledge – stay single together and party as hard as possible.

Keller takes the case into his own hands when the police fail to find them, but runs up against Detective Loki (Gyllenhaal), a top cop with an over-inflated ego.

2013 will see a number of releases for Davis, including The Black List plot follows three male friends in New York City who pledge to stay single, even as each of them begins to fall in love.

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  1. ’ And you said ‘yes.’ I just need you to say ‘yes’ one more time.” reality star’s romance with John Cena has been in the spotlight on the E! Cena had previously said he would never marry again after going through a divorce in 2013, but it seems he had a change of heart after watching his woman go under the knife.